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W.P.S.D. Campuses

Blain Elementary School
Phone: 717-536-3219
Fax: 717-536-3718Carroll Elementary School
Phone: 717-582-4256
Fax: 717-582-3547
New Bloomfield Elementary School
Phone: 717-582-4318
Fax: 717-582-7579West Perry Middle School
Phone: 717-789-3012
Fax: 717-789-3393
West Perry High School
Phone: 717-789-3931
Fax: 717-789-2110
West Perry District Office
Phone: 717-789-3934
Fax: 717-789-4997

About Us

Welcome To West Perry Middle School!

The role of the middle school is to help children make a successful transition through adolescence.  With the welfare of your child in mind, it is essential that we work together sharing the insights we have about adolescents.  We truly believe that when the family and school work together and support each others' efforts, the best education can be provided for your child

As we move into the new school year we continue to plan for the health and safety of our students.  Our daily schedule is designed to transition students back into the classroom with the teachers focused on engaging and supporting students in face-to-face instruction.  Teachers will support students in their use of technology through the use of Schoology, Zoom and a number of other online supports to learning.  Our current world conditions have presented us with many new challenges.  We will continue to support building capacity in our students to be resilient, kind and successful!


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  • We are looking forward to a healthy 21-22 school year.  If you have made the choice to have your child vaccinated for COVID19, please provide this information to the school nurse.  You may take a picture of the vaccine card or provide an official printout from your child’s physician and forward it to Mrs. Magee at  If there is exposure to a COVID positive case, fully vaccinated students are not required to quarantine unless they are also showing symptoms.  You will still be made aware of any potential exposure. Thank you for your help in keeping our school year safe.